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Barry Ives


"...understood our needs... then written a programme that is bespoke to those needs"

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Karen Bater
Karen Bater - Rowcliffes Group
Mark Lambird
Mark Lambird - Eastbourne Motoring Centre
Barry Ives
Barry Ives - Toomeys Group
Tim Pickering
Tim Pickering- Vision
Chris Clarkson
Chris Clarkson - CSM Motor Group
Daryl Kirk
Daryl Kirk -
Mon Motors Group
Alasdair MacConachie - Sherwoods
Alasdair MacConachie - Sherwoods Group
Barney Sturgess
Barney Sturgess -
Sturgess Group
Trevor Reeve - Pentagon
Trevor Reeve -
Pentagon Group
John Hitcniner
John Hitchiner -
Harwoods Group
David Kelly
David Kelly -
Poole Audi
John Dingle
John Dingle -
Dingle Group
Dean Cooper
Dean Cooper -
Pentagon Toyota Group
Rob Schofield
Rob Schofield-
Pentagon Oldham
Dave Sullivan
Dave Sullivan -
Greenhous Group
Nick Wright
Nick Wright -
West Riding Motor Group
Welcome to Coachworks Consulting
Andy Russell -
Silver Street Automotive
Simon Parker
Simon Parker -
Toyota (GB) PLC