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We provide a range of Services which are all tailored to meet our clients' individual needs.

Our Leadership programmes, Directors Retreat, Plan 4 Growth and Coach 4 Growth are designed to support senior management in formulating strategy, coaching their teams to develop and implement effective activity plans and coaching to deliver performance.

Race 4 Growth and Road 2 Growth focus on business improvement in the Service and Parts Departments.

Soul Provider and Meetings 2 Succeed are effective tools to achieve results in the Sales Department, whilst Ringing Success and Growth Appraisal are focussed on improvements in all departments

Our Products

Leadership Coaching Services
Inspirational Speaker

Balancing style with substance is essential to grabbing and maintaining the attention of busy, time poor individuals.

With a track record of thirty years in the industry from the shop floor to the boardroom, across most disciplines and with results that back up an impressive CV; Coachworks MD Karl Davis never fails to engage an audience.

As a thought leader with opinions that are widely published in the press, and sought by manufacturers and retailers alike, his advice will provoke consideration and inspire action!

Directors Retreat Logo

A 2 day Planning Workshop for Business Leaders during which a strategic plan for the business is created.

It provides an environment for Directors to work on rather than in their business, and ensures that the business makes a fast start towards its financial plan.

Plan 4 Growth Logo

A programme for all departments designed to ensure that each manager can Identify how financial plans will be achieved.

Managers are lead to be proactive; think like business leaders with full P&L responsibility; share best practice; and inspired to deliver a great R.O.I.

Coach 4 Growth Logo

Commissioned by Toyota GB, Coach 4 Growth is a 26 week programme which creates growth across all departments in the business.

The programme focuses the Centre Principal (General Manager) on discovering their whole business in order to identify where the opportunities lie. The Centre Principal is shown how to coach the line managers to realise the potential and drive departmental performance.

This programme delivered a 16% growth in Departmental Direct Profit compared to a network average of 6%

Aftersales Department Services
Race 4 Growth Logo

A 26 week Culture Change Programme for After Sales departments designed to generate more Aftersales Direct Profit & Overhead Absorption. This is achieved by instilling an understanding of the need to do things differently and creating a culture of selling as well as serving.

Through this, stronger relationships are developed with customers and retention of older vehicles is improved. At the same time a management focus on in-house coaching is developed.


Road 2 Growth Logo

Commissioned by Vauxhall Motors, Road 2 Growth (R2G) is an Aftersales business improvement workshop for Retail Operators (General Manager) and Aftersales/Service Managers. It drives incremental growth and improves customer retention.

Retail Operators are encouraged to work with their managers identifying implementable solutions that will drive bottom line figures.

Directors Retreat Logo

This programme is a finalist in the 2012 Motor Trader Awards

SALES Department Services
Used car Workout Logo

In our work with retailers, it's clear to see that those who manage their used car operation efficiently are the same retailers that deliver a great net trading result. With today's challenges being many and varied, ask yourself this; is your used car team performing at a level that that will underwrite your success in 2014?

The Used Car Workout lasts four hours and is designed to sweat the best out of your Used Car Sales Department in a motivational and inspirational way.


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Ringing Success Logo

A programme to improve the performance of Call Centres. The programme establishes the starting performance levels & assesses the call handling processes of the Centre. It then reviews the sales measures in place & skill levels of Operatives & Managers, before working with the client to implement behavioural and process changes.

Progress is monitored throughout via on site reviews and Mystery shops.


Soul Providor Logo

A 26 Week Culture Change Programme for Car Sales Departments designed to generate more revenue; improve enquiry management; differentiate the dealer from the competition; strengthen sales coaching & control; and deliver greater margin retention & up-sell.





Assessment Centres Logo

The Morning Sales Meeting sets the agenda for the day and yet so often they lack structure and are not effective. Meetings 4 Success is a programme that ensures every Sales Meeting is motivational, stimulating and objective oriented, ensuring that the Sales team is set for the day in a directed and purposeful manner.

Fast Track Inductions

A comprehensive approach to testing, selecting and hiring the best people.
Through a series of real world, role specific competency based assessments; we'll take the guess work out of building your team. We can design, write and facilitate the whole process for 5 – 50 candidates and provide a balanced scorecard of the results with clear recommendations for employment. A professional approach to building your company's brand, as well as your team!

Bespoke Programme Design Logo

Having selected the best candidate for the role, their first 90 days in the job will set the tone for what's to come.

A structured understanding of what they will be introduced to, learn and become competent at in their first hour, day, week, month and quarter is central to their success, your customers and results. With a detailed understanding of the motor industry across both retailer and manufacturer environments, we'll provide you with a platform for success.

Plan 4 Growth Logo

We've designed, written and delivered hundreds of programmes since 2002 that have had a positive impact on those involved.

Having first identified "what good looks like," we'll tailor make a solution that fits, not only your business needs, but also the culture of your organisation. For the most common industry needs, we can save you time and money by bespoking one of our already proven programmes.

Value Driver Identification Logo

Having a clear understanding of the "input actions" required from each member of your team is central to the "output" results they will deliver. We call these input actions Value Drivers.

We help organisations identify the five most important Value Drivers for each role, and produce materials and review paperwork to aid coaching and drive performance.


Growth Appriasal Logo

A one day appraisal of the Client's Business opportunities, incorporating authentic Mystery Shops.

Each site receives a searching appraisal of their environment, people, processes, controls, visual management & communication. Observations are recorded & scored. Opportunities are identified and fed back to the client and a plan of action is agreed.


121 Coaching Logo

Usually carried out by our Managing Director or Senior Consultant, your senior managers will first be shadowed for a period to identify their top 3 focus areas. They are then coached to strengthen their performance in these areas.

Expert coaching of your most senior people to coach and bring out the best in their people creates a "multiplier effect" where the results are often spectacular.


Personal Growth Plan Logo

A structured approach to developing your key personnel as a platform for greater business performance. With the wage bill for most employers reflecting their greatest cost.

Personal Growth Plans (PGP's) consider employees as an asset not an overhead. Utilising a tried and trusted template for personal growth, leaders and subordinates are coached on how to appraise their competencies to identify a path for personal and business development. The PGP becomes a working document that charts individual and business progress through a twelve month period towards growth and success.

Presenting 4 Impact Logo

Provide the confidence, competence and critiquing to create high impact, memorable presentations

In busy environments, having the ability to present to groups or larger audiences saves time and ensures greater consistency in delivering a message. For leaders in particular, having a confident and effective presentational style is key to inspiring support and goodwill. Presenting 4 Impact is a two day programme which appraises and builds upon existing presentational ability by adding structure, creativity, preparation and delivery techniques. One of the greatest life skills that we can learn!