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Superman or Superficial?

02 October 2014

In recent years, just about every retail group of a significant size has formed their own training department or academy, but is the impact they bring effective, when in-house trainers are expected to be all things to all men?

Value Engineer Your People

30 September 2014

When buying equipment, many companies adopt a value engineering approach to ensure that it does all of the tasks required for the best price. This is achieved by first producing a detailed specification of the tasks that the equipment is required to perform. When it comes to hiring people many companies fail to do this, letting themselves and the employee down.

Adrian Baker becomes an IMI Accredited Assessor in Automotive Management

14 July 2014

Coachworks Director Adrian Baker has received the IMI Accredited Assessor recognition. The accreditation is designed for individuals who play a vital role in the assessment process of IMI Accreditation…

Trouble Ahead? Business brainstorm!

08 July 2014

Addressing two hundred of the “great and the good” at an AM Conference earlier this year, Coachworks MD Karl Davis stated that some businesses were in danger of seeing their performance stall, as they enjoyed their previous successes for a little too long. For some, this is already proving to be the case!

Add value, not cost!

07 July 2014

At a point when wage bills are increasing, it’s time to add value not just cost; says Coachworks’ Senior Consultant Adrian Baker!

A Route to Performance

04 July 2014

The economy is on the up and the brakes have come off Manufacturers’ corporate identity programmes, making this a time for investment for many retailers.