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Welcome to Coachworks Consulting

Areas of Expertise

Growth Appraisal

We conduct a hands-on review of the client's business to identify additional growth opportunities in respect of people, processes and performance.

Unlike some Accountants or Area Managers, our experienced Consultants won’t just review the figures and tell you what you already know; instead they’ll get to the root cause of the problem and unearth real growth opportunities that will form the basis of a prioritised action plan.

Typical 1-2-3 Approach to Growth Appraisal
  • Establish how well commercial opportunities are actually managed
  • Walk the business with leaders, using a "tell me show me" discovery approach
  • Focus the client on the monetary value of additional opportunities identified

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Leadership Coaching

Our approach majors on the differentiation between leadership and management, and actively creates a culture of coaching key individuals...

Change Management

Some people find change stimulating, for other it’s a cause of anxiety; as champions of change, we help clients prosper by guiding them to proactively shape change...

Training & Development

We believe that the best learning is gained when it follows a prioritised understanding of the real needs and is delivered with passion, purpose and credibility...

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