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Building Performance Improvement

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Areas of Expertise

As business improvement specialists, we commit ourselves to four key aspects; Growth Appraisal, Leadership Coaching, Culture Change, Training & Development.

Some Consultants have a tendency to complicate things unnecessarily; at Coachworks we like to keep things simple, after all, there’s only three ways to make more money in business.

This year we’re helping clients generate more business from fewer opportunities. In today's economic climate, businesses must increase turnover without increasing the cost, in both car sales and aftersales environments.

Helping Clients - Sell More. For More. Spend Less.

We conduct a hands-on review of the clients business that identifies additional growth opportunities in respect of people, processes and performance...

Leadership Coaching

Our approach majors on the differentiation between leadership and management, and actively creates a culture of coaching key individuals...

Change Management

Some people find change stimulating, for other it’s a cause of anxiety; as champions of change, we help clients prosper by guiding them to proactively shape change...

Training & Development

We believe that the best learning is gained when it follows a prioritised understanding of the real needs and is delivered with passion, purpose and credibility...

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